Feasibility Study Catalyst for Success

$500,000 Raised in 4 Months

Located in the rural community of Quincy, Florida, Gadsden Arts Center is a small but thriving arts organization. Their investment in a Feasibility Study conducted by Stansbury Consulting resulted in over $500,000 raised in only four months! This was before all qualified donors had been asked for a gift.  Our work also included Board training and further guidance on how to position the public phase of campaign for continued success.

“In preparing for our major gifts campaign, we invited the expertise of Stansbury Consulting, a highly qualified third party consultant, who conducted our feasibility study. Going through this process, I am sure, has made participants’ gifts two to three times larger than they would have been otherwise; and is substantially growing the donor base, as well. Stansbury Consulting has been the catalyst for the present success of our fundraising team!” 

Grace Robinson Maloy
Executive Director, Gadsden Arts Center