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Speaking, Teaching &  Professional Development

Stansbury Consulting is your one-stop resource for keynote speeches, conference workshops, multi-day courses, and educational sessions.

President Alyce Lee Stansbury, CFRE, is certified as a Master Trainer in Fundraising by the Association of Fundraising Professionals. She is a highly sought-after speaker and receives rave reviews at national, state, and regional conferences.


President Alyce Lee Stansbury, CFRE, teaches “Fundraising and Fund Development”, a graduate level course in the Askew School of Public Administration at Florida State University. Former students have been hired for prestigious, full-time fundraising positions within weeks of taking this course! Ask us about teaching a course or helping to develop a stellar fundraising curriculum to attract more students to your institution, college or nonprofit center.

Speaking and Training topics: (This is a partial list. Ask us about more topics!)

  • Annual Giving
  • Attracting and Keeping Bread-and-Butter Donors
  • Growing the Annual Fund
  • The Role of Special Events in the Annual Giving Program

Board and Volunteer Management:

  • Building your Non-profit Board
  • How to Ask for Money
  • Motivating Volunteers to be Effective Fundraisers
  • Boards of Directors: What works, what doesn’t and why?
  • Promoting Your Mission and Building Community Support
  • Tapping the Fundraising Potential of Your Board
  • The Board’s Role in Fundraising

Capital Campaigns

  • Five Truths in Capital Campaign Fundraising
  • Is Your Organization Ready for a Capital Campaign?
  • Volunteer Leadership: the Key to a Successful Capital Campaign
  • What’s a Feasibility Study and why do we need one?

Case for Support

  • Distinguishing your Nonprofit Organization: Are you telling the right story?

Corporate Philanthropy

  • Corporate Giving: A Strategic Business Investment
  • Getting the best BANG for your Charitable Buck: How to Maximize Your Company’s Charitable Giving

Donor Software

  • Navigating the Selection of Donor Software

Donor Stewardship

  • The Care and Feeding of Donors: Whose job is it and why does it matter?
  • Harnessing the Power of Thank You to Raise More Money
  • Raising More Money by Keeping the Donors you Already Have
  • When you Dance with your Donors, let them lead


  • Endowment Building
  • The Board’s Role in Endowment Building

Ethics in Fundraising

  • Deal or No Deal: The Importance of Gift Acceptance Policies in the Fundraising Process


  • Making the Most of Your Charitable Foundation

Fund Raising & Fund Development

  • 5 Fatal Fundraising Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  • 20 Lessons in 20 Years of Fundraising
  • Building an Effective Fundraising Strategy
  • Evaluating the Latest Fundraising Trends: Friend or Foe?
  • Fundraising in the Digital Age
  • Fundraising in Touch Economic Times
  • Fundraising for Non-profit Organizations (An Overview)
  • Fundraising Practices we Rarely Practice
  • Introduction to Fundraising: Ready, Aim, Inspire
  • Recreating Your Fundraising Approach
  • The New Normal: Fundraising in Today’s Economy

Gift Acceptance Policies

  • Deal or No Deal: The Importance of Gift Acceptance Policies

Hiring a Development Director

  • Help Wanted: Director of Development
  • What does a Development Director do anyway?

Proposal Writing

  • How to Sell Your Idea: Grant and Proposal Writing Techniques for Success

Special Events

  • Are Special Events Really Special?