Gain Strong Financial Stability

$25,000 to $300,000 in One Year

After 40 years in the community, a small, private K-12 school had become financially challenged due to shrinking enrollment, lack of community engagement, & minimal fundraising. The Board and Head of School were reluctant to ask for money and had little or no formal training in how to do so. Stansbury Consulting successfully helped the school:

  1. develop its first Case for Support to unify and focus the need for charitable giving;
  2. rally the Board behind clear and compelling reasons to seek charitable support; and
  3. motivate the Board and staff to actively engage in the fundraising effort.

As a result, the school raised $300,000 including a generous bequest during the next academic year. This compares to less than $25,000 raised in direct support the previous school year! The following year, student enrollment remained steady, a technology plan was set in motion and implemented, and the Board was committed to building on their fundraising success.